Monday, 16 March 2015

My 'Everyday' Make Up Look/ Grunge Glam I Suppose

So I've been changing and growing recently. The looks I like are starting to mature and become more brave so I wanted to share this make up look I wear almost everyday. It's perfect for day time/casual look as well as a night out, well for me it is. I'm clearly falling into this sort of Grunge theme, It's come out of no where really, I've just started to like dark colours for make up and I don't want winter to leave us.

My base is Urban Decay Tightening Brighting Primer potion and Bare Minerals Bare Skin Foundation in '19 Bare Espresso' and Bare Minerals Face Powder.

I then contoured my face with the Sleek Contour kit in Dark. (*sidenote* The shade is a bit too much for me and the medium is too warm, if any one know a contour powder that is cool toned and dark enough for NC45/NC50 skin comment bellow)
Blush is MAC Razin and Bobbi Brown's Tawny

In the crease acting as a transition colour is MAC Blush in Razin, I then put MAC eye-shadow in 'Swiss Chocolate all over my lids then blend the edges and  add more 'Razin' if needed and add a small amount of 'Crave' from the Urban Decay Basics Pallet in the outer crease for definition and blend like crazy! I line my eyes with L'oreal Super Liner and use Urban Decay's 'Perversion' Mascara for my lashes

The Nude look is Lime Crime's 'Salem' In the middle MAC's 'Velvet Teddy' and in the very centre MAC's 'Honey Love'

Sometimes I wear Lime Crime's 'Black Velvet' or I even mix 'Salem' and 'Wicked'. The most simple nude I wear is MAC's 'Double Shot'

Its a great bold and toned down look for whenever you want. I'm obsessed with it at the moment and I hope you guys enjoyed.

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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Simarik ( Lipstick Collection)

So everyone knows that 'Kiss Kiss' song that came out years ago now but how many of you 'Kiss Kiss' from Holly Valance is actually a cover. The original song is is a by a beautiful Turkish man named Tarkan. This original song is named 'Simarik' ( not spelt correctly because I can't find accented letters on  this laptop)

ANYWAY! This led me to shared with you my lipstick collection. Lipstick is probably my favourite thing in the world. It is something that I stupidly spend money on. But to be honest if we all had the  chance to we'd spend a little bit extra money on the things we liked best. I was lucky that I was in a position to do that ( not now seeing as uni makes me so broke hahaha) Here is my collection in case you wanted to try any out for yourself.

HEADS UP! I had a huge addiction to mac lipstick which is why I have so many, I've now moved to be more interested in Lime Crime and Urban Decay .. Just Saying!

The Nudes ( Mac Edition)

These are all the nude shades that I wear Almost everyday They are great for everyday minimal looks or even paired up with a bold make up look. 
Naked Paris - Sheer Deep Purple colour with chucks of shimmer in it. On my skin it shows up as almost nothing, Especially when I'm darker or ill as I get purple based pigmentation on my lips. Great to whip on quickly without looking.
Double Shot - BEAUTIFUL Deep Brown based nude. I'm wasn't a brown lipstick fan until this lipstick. Its so creamy and juicy look. It makes my lips look 10 times letter once one. I love the fact that I can wear it all year round. In the summer it's a nude and in the winter it's slightly dark and seductive.
Honey Love - The lightest wearable nude I own. I can only really wear this in the winter. It's nice and matte which I love and is on the warmer side which blend well with my skin. It's also great to used as a highlight for other nudes. I pair it up with Double shot & Velvet Teddy all the time.
Velvet Teddy - The PERFECT nude for my skin in the winter. A beautiful pink based nude that makes me look really fresh, youthful and awake. I love matte nudes as the finish is just so seamless with my make up.

Hue - The Lightest Nude I own. It's doesn't match me at al but it's great for lighter skin tones and highlight the centre of your lips.

Naked Paris, Double Shot, Honey Love, Velvet Teddy, Hue

The Pinks (MAC Edition)
Mehr -  This colour is a nice in-between from a nude and a pink. It's again matte which is what I love and gives a nice, subtle pop of colour ( if that makes any sense) 
Fanfare - A warm toned pink, I don't wear it very often any more but it is a nice colour, Very appropriate for spring time
Viva Glam Niki 1 - A Yellow based Neon Pink. Can be worn beautifully with a light hand. A great collection piece and  it's a viva glam lipstick which is makes it even more worth it.
All Fired Up - A dark pink red colour. Gorgeous matte colour and is a nice change from you retro red look
Russian Red - A warm based orange, red - I won this on is a give-away from the lovely mouldy fruit. 

Mehr, Fanafare, Viva Glam Niki, All Fired Up, Russian Red

The Reds & Purples ( Mac Edition)

RiRi Woo - Your basic Blue toned Retro red. Instantly gives you a pin up vibe This lipstick gives me ridiculous amounts of confidence and the blue tone is just beautiful.
Dark Side - A nice deep wine red for the winter. A great colour the have as your first dark lipstick. It's not as dark as many others but is a lovely colour
Cyber -  An extremely dark purple Very grey toned so I usually add 'Shame' by Urban Decay so I don't end up looking ill.
Heroine - Fluorescent Purple colour. There no colour like this. It's so amazing I can't even describe it
Up The Amp - light purple colour almost like a purple nude. So pretty and spring like

RiRi Woo, Dark Side, Cyber, Heroine, Up The Amp

Urban Decay
Liar - Warm Pink/Nude colour  Beautiful everyday colour so nice to just chuck on and run out the house.
Rush - A cool toned pink/nude. Pops slightly more in my skin tone. Can look very cold sometimes but is lovely in the spring time.
Fiend - A bright pink, Look more nude in the tube but comes out really bright and summery on the lips. It's gorgeous!!
Shame - The Darkest red I own. URGH the colour is everything!! SO Seductive and sexy!

Liar, Rush, Fiend, Shame

Nars 'Pigalle' - Lovely nude colour. Really warm but very wearable for everyday

Lime Crime

Wicked - Lovely Darker red colour nice transition from your retro red and gives a more grungey look
Salem - A red based Brown. I used to HATE browns but this just beautiful. It's so nice and dark ... GAAA!
Black Velvet - It's a black!! Vampy, Grungey, Cool, Completely my style. I'm in love with Lime Crime

Wicked, Salem, Black Velvet

Hope You Enjoyed
Tell me about your lipstick collection. 
What lipstick from mine would you want to try

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Long time no see. Have a look at my new room

I haven't seen you guys in a long while. I'm finally back properly and while be writing again.
I'm pretty darn excited about it but for now I wanted to show you guys my knew room.

The Front Hallway Wall

My Bedroom Wall

Back in August I moved out from my London home AGAIN to go back to Brighton and move into my new 7 BEDROOM house for uni. Yes I am one of seven people in the household. It's cramped but It's amazing. I'm finally getting my room somewhat homely so here are a couple of pictures.

I can't wait to show you what else I've been up to, it will be all coming out soon. SO happy to be back and I hope you guys are.

This is what it's meant to look like
This is what it ends up as

What have you been up to since I've been away from the blogging world?

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Sunday, 31 August 2014

OOTD: Oh this old thing!!

I love the maxi skirt I got from New look. I've worn it through out most of the summer

My Jacket is from Zara ...

and this crop top is from Jacey's clothing

Enjoy :D

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

I've Been Shortlisted!! VOTE FOR ME!!! LFW

I applied for a Yahoo competition to get the chance to go to London Fashion Week and for whatever crazy reason ... I'VE BEEN SHORTLISTED!! Now people have to vote for two lucky bloggers to go and report for Yahoo. The other bloggers seem AMAZING and I feel really lucky to be short-listed beside them BUT ....
I would LOVE IT LOADS of you guys could support me by voting for me :) When I started this blog my mini self goal was to go to LFW by at least a year. A year has come and gone ad I'm so darn close to this chance.

It's free to vote!
no sign ups or anything like that just tick my name Cheyenne Williams and click that vote button. the comp closes on the 29th August 3pm so please please please get voting :)

Here is the link to vote!!

Thanks for baring this soppy and desperate post HaHa
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August Wish List

My style is slowly refining and I'm finding that there is now very specific things I want to complete this newer wardrobe of mine. I thought why not share it with you

THESE SHOES! you saw them in my previous Zara post. I feel like I am always written something dedicated to Zara  but I just love that place like it's home. These shoes are just one of many items from their I feel the need to own. These look so much more gorgeous on someone as they do in the picture. I mentioned before I saw the lovely Kenzas in them in a post ad absolutely fell in love. I'd wear them everyday if I bought them.

Buy here
This dress from Zara as well. I saw Kylie Jenner in on similar and it reminded my I have a lack of simple dresses to go out in. I actually have none so I think this would be a good purchase to make. I can go to dinner or even a night out  with the girls.

Buy Here

I NEED A new pair of vans
One pair is too big, Two have holes in them and my addiction is itching for more. These high tops are perfect. I I can use them for dance as well as daily casual wear.

Buy Here
Anything you fancy buying sometime soon?
Let me know
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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

OOTD: War Child

This outfit is my uniform right now. with or without heels. I wear this almost everyday of course changing as clothes get dirty.

This Jacket from Zara has been such a great saviour for those random windy summer days. I did own a leather Jacket until this one but i love it. It's fake leather of course but I prefer it.

My jeans are from Zara. You've seen them all the time on this blog and my Instagram. I LIVE in these jeans. The BEST £30 I have ever spent.

These Shoes are from River Island. I call them my inner fierce shoe. They remind me so much of Rihanna for whatever reason. I don't really know why I like them so much but I want to wear them all the time

This very special top is what this post is named after. I was in River Island and spotted the Beatles reference form a far. Now I own so many Beatles tops and mugs it's un real. I think I get it from my mum she has endless amount of Beatles merchandise from when she was a teen. ANYWAY. the quote made me senselessly walk over and  pick it up. I then spotted the picture of Yoko Ono and John Lennon together and new this was for charity. Proceed of the top goes to War Child which is AMAZING!!!

I wont go into detail of what war child dose WHY? because I want you guys to click this link to their website and find out. They are doing some amazing things for children around the world right now so go ahead and check em out.

Hope you enjoyed
See ya